Het Kinderuur - De houthakker van Sinterklaas

Santa Claus no longer likes plastic toys, wondering why children have given up playing with wooden ones. He instructs one of his helpers to look for a tall oak tree, as the wood can be used for making children's playthings.

Santa is not the only one looking for a tall oak tree. Why does the queen of the castle need wood? And who are all these strange ministers? Where does Santa's lumberjack live?

To find out the answers, come along and see Het Kinderuur show for all the family! Santa will be bringing along some presents!

Be sure to book in time. Bookings are open, starting from 1 October.


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GC de Boesdaalhoeve - Grote Schuur
Toekomstlaan 32 B
1640 St-Genesius-Rode