Program - music

Davy Gilles & Sasha Rosen - The Jukebox

Sasha Rosen and Davy Gilles are now a duo, in love and on stage. ‘The Jukebox' is a well-rounded programme, ranging from romantic songs to rock 'n' roll.
25 Oct
02.00 PM

Lennaert & de Bonski's - Zing mee met de Bonski's

Lennaert & de Bonski’s have created a new show for people learning Dutch! They sing uncomplicated, well-known songs in Dutch. Everyone can sing along. The lyrics are projected. The performance features some surprising translations, while the Bonski's also sing some of their own compositions.
15 Nov
08.00 PM

Jef Neve - Spirit Control

sold out
Jef Neve plays with passion. He presents his latest album 'Spirit Control'. The music is performed with a combination of piano, drums, electronics and strings. ‘What happens if in the middle of your life you suddenly realise that everything is wonderful? That is the meaning of Spirit Control'.
20 Dec
08.30 PM

Günther Neefs - Roots 66

sold out
The singer Günther Neefs and the Radio 2 icon Guy De Pré both adore music and cars. In August 2018 they travelled together along the legendary Route 66. They went to the United States to discover the roots of our music.
29 Mar
08.30 PM