Highland Games

GC de Boesdaalhoeve

The Highland Games in Boesdaal Park are back! The games are a test not only of strength, speed and t …

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08 Sep


Welcome to the Community Centre de Boesdaalhoeve, one of ‘de Rand's’ seven such centres.

We offer you a wide-ranging cultural programme near to your home. Music, theatre, films, school plays and exhibitions – something to suit all tastes … It is also the chance to become acquainted with people and associations in your neighbourhood.

You may not know any Dutch or very little but do not let that put you off. Some knowledge of the Dutch language may be required in certain cases but not always. We will be delighted to help anybody keen on learning our language. And our centre is always there when you feel ready to start practising your newly acquired language skills.


Dutch language immersion for children 4 – 6 years - HorizonTAAL

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The school holidays are the perfect time for children to take part in fun activities. For children whose mother tongue is not Dutch, this is also an opportunity to learn and practise the language during the holidays.
19 Aug

Ezelsoor - Free book covering day

Come along with your (grand) parents to have your books and notebooks covered for free. Each child is issued with five sheets of paper to cover about 12 books or notebooks.
04 Sep

GC de Boesdaalhoeve - Highland Games

The Highland Games in Boesdaal Park are back! The games are a test not only of strength, speed and technique but also of team spirit. See how well you measure up to the others when it comes to tossing the caber, sheaf tossing, weight lifting, the caber race and caber sawing.
08 Sep

Filip Jordens - Hommage à Brel (seizoensopener)

In 'Hommage à Brel' Filip Jordens pays a superb tribute to the master of French chanson. With much love and respect for Brel's words and compositions, he offers the audience a taste of Brel's artistry on stage.
21 Sep

Sprookjes enzo - De maan in het zand

Pull on your pyjamas and set off with us to reach the moon, jumping from star to star up to the moon with its calm and peaceful beach, talking sheep, white flamingos,… An interactive show for children aged 1 to 3.
17 Nov

Academie Orfeus - Aperitiefconcert

A group of teachers from the Academie Orfeus will be performing a selection of music for us. A classical piano concert, singing, wind instruments, strings or even rock. The concert is followed by a toast to welcome the year 2020!
12 Jan